Your Best Friend is a Beast!

All smokers think about quitting. They even pause (my word for temporarily quitting smoking cigarettes) once or twice for a week or two-some for years at a time, but the nicotine beast wins them over in the end.

Their doctor, spouse, and children want them to quit, but even their genuine concern for a loved one’s health means little to the addicted smoker.

That cigarette addiction has traveled with them through the years. It has seen them at their worst and best and at times may be a relationship that outlasts a marriage. In short, cigarettes are a smoker’s best friend. This friend is delivering a slow death to the smoker with each puff.

So let me ask you, do you want to die? What did you say…no? Did you say don’t be stupid, nobody wants to die!

Hmmm…interesting. Let’s get this straight and see if I understand you, correctly. You don’t want to die yet you smoke daily, hourly, maybe every ten minutes. You know this will kill you eventually, but you continue.

I’ll ask again. Do you want to die? You WILL die if you continue smoking and from what I have witnessed with veteran smokers, it won’t be pretty. That is a proven fact.
Take it from an ex-smoker that smoked for over thirty-years, you are NOT bigger than the nicotine beast. You need help!

Put the cigarettes down and do not pick them up again! If you do let the nicotine beast overtake you, lay them down again and walk away. Keep pausing (quitting) until you make it!