Unclean Beast in the Video Game Demigod

The unclean Beast is a playable character in the video game Demigod. The unclean Beast is one of my personal favorite demigods in the game. The unclean beast is a close range unit that can do loads of damage.
The Venom Spit is one of the Unclean Beasts best powers.

The beast spits the enemy with venom that does initial damage and extra damage over time. On level on the initial damage is 50 and the over time damage is 450, combined this and you get a mean 500 damage on level one, this can be upgraded to 150 initial damage and 1500 over time. This power is great because if the other player is not paying attention to his life he can easily forget about the poison and still fight you, this will result in and easy kill.

Another great power is the Foul Grasp, this is the unclean beasts interrupter, meaning that it can be used to cancel and enemy teleporting out and also to stop other demigods powers. This fouls Grasp stuns the enemy for about 2 seconds does 332 damage and heals the unclean beast for the same amount. Inform your team before doing this attack so that they can do maximum damage when the enemy is stunned. The damage and health can be upgraded to 664.

Bestial Wrath is another great power that can be used to fork out tons of damage. When you enter Bestial Wrath on its first level it increases you damage by 25% this can be upgraded to 65%. This combined with the Venom spit can kill the enemy in a very short time. This can catch the enemy of guard and will kill him before he can do anything. This power also works great if one of your allies stunned the enemy.

The Beast is a great demigod and should defiantly be checked out.