Reasons Why Leveling As a Beast Mastery Hunter is Best

Many of you may have heard that Beast Mastery is the best leveling spec but may not know exactly why. Here are a few great reasons as to why you shouldn’t even consider other talent trees while you are leveling.

The reason why Beast Mastery is the best leveling spec is because this talent tree revolves around making your pet the best that it can be. For leveling, your pet is going to be the one taking the most damage because it will be tanking for you so it makes sense to have a spec that focuses on keeping your pet alive. The reason why you should strive to keep your pet alive is because hunters are a ranged class, meaning they do the most damage at a range, so if your pet dies and melee mobs are coming at you it will put you in a tight spot.

Another reason to go BM spec may not be as widely acknowledged, but you get a way to heal yourself without having to use band-aids or food which is amazing for a class who normally cannot heal themselves. Spirit Bond is this talent and it really is amazing for hunters since it gives you that passive health regeneration. Also the talent boosts healing done to you and your pet by 10% so it gives you another way to keep your pet alive.

The way Beast Mastery prevents downtime is a huge factor when considering which spec to go while leveling and this may be the most important reason why BM wins out of the three talent trees. As BM you never have to stop killing mobs meaning you will never have downtime where you are eating/drinking or healing. Thanks to a couple talents you can level very quickly indeed. You should never have issues with mana due to the talent Invigoration coupled with Ferocity/Frenzy since every time your pet deals a critical strike you get 1% of your mana back. Now 1% of your mana may not seem like a lot but your pet will be dealing multiple critical strikes per mob so you will see a huge influx of mana. Besides not ever having to stop as BM you will also receive a passive speed boost in Pathfinding which will make your experience leveling much more enjoyable.

The final reason why I consider Beast Mastery to be the best is because you get an “I Win” button which essentially can get you out of just about any situation. This button is called “Bestial Wrath”. This will send your pet into an unstoppable rage giving them a 50% damage boost while not allowing them to be crowd controlled at all. Once you pick up “The Beast Within” you too can join in on the fun. And with the right talents and glyphs you can enjoy this beast mode just about every minute.

I hope these reasons have convinced you that the best way to level your hunter is in fact as Beast Mastery. While the other two specs are somewhat viable they cannot compare to the super pet and nonexistent downtime. When trying to level quickly the most important thing to consider is how often you have to stop and with Beast Mastery the answer is never.