Reasons Why Leveling As a Beast Mastery Hunter is Best

Many of you may have heard that Beast Mastery is the best leveling spec but may not know exactly why. Here are a few great reasons as to why you shouldn’t even consider other talent trees while you are leveling.

The reason why Beast Mastery is the best leveling spec is because this talent tree revolves around making your pet the best that it can be. For leveling, your pet is going to be the one taking the most damage because it will be tanking for you so it makes sense to have a spec that focuses on keeping your pet alive. The reason why you should strive to keep your pet alive is because hunters are a ranged class, meaning they do the most damage at a range, so if your pet dies and melee mobs are coming at you it will put you in a tight spot.

Another reason to go BM spec may not be as widely acknowledged, but you get a way to heal yourself without having to use band-aids or food which is amazing for a class who normally cannot heal themselves. Spirit Bond is this talent and it really is amazing for hunters since it gives you that passive health regeneration. Also the talent boosts healing done to you and your pet by 10% so it gives you another way to keep your pet alive.

The way Beast Mastery prevents downtime is a huge factor when considering which spec to go while leveling and this may be the most important reason why BM wins out of the three talent trees. As BM you never have to stop killing mobs meaning you will never have downtime where you are eating/drinking or healing. Thanks to a couple talents you can level very quickly indeed. You should never have issues with mana due to the talent Invigoration coupled with Ferocity/Frenzy since every time your pet deals a critical strike you get 1% of your mana back. Now 1% of your mana may not seem like a lot but your pet will be dealing multiple critical strikes per mob so you will see a huge influx of mana. Besides not ever having to stop as BM you will also receive a passive speed boost in Pathfinding which will make your experience leveling much more enjoyable.

The final reason why I consider Beast Mastery to be the best is because you get an “I Win” button which essentially can get you out of just about any situation. This button is called “Bestial Wrath”. This will send your pet into an unstoppable rage giving them a 50% damage boost while not allowing them to be crowd controlled at all. Once you pick up “The Beast Within” you too can join in on the fun. And with the right talents and glyphs you can enjoy this beast mode just about every minute.

I hope these reasons have convinced you that the best way to level your hunter is in fact as Beast Mastery. While the other two specs are somewhat viable they cannot compare to the super pet and nonexistent downtime. When trying to level quickly the most important thing to consider is how often you have to stop and with Beast Mastery the answer is never.

Your Best Friend is a Beast!

All smokers think about quitting. They even pause (my word for temporarily quitting smoking cigarettes) once or twice for a week or two-some for years at a time, but the nicotine beast wins them over in the end.

Their doctor, spouse, and children want them to quit, but even their genuine concern for a loved one’s health means little to the addicted smoker.

That cigarette addiction has traveled with them through the years. It has seen them at their worst and best and at times may be a relationship that outlasts a marriage. In short, cigarettes are a smoker’s best friend. This friend is delivering a slow death to the smoker with each puff.

So let me ask you, do you want to die? What did you say…no? Did you say don’t be stupid, nobody wants to die!

Hmmm…interesting. Let’s get this straight and see if I understand you, correctly. You don’t want to die yet you smoke daily, hourly, maybe every ten minutes. You know this will kill you eventually, but you continue.

I’ll ask again. Do you want to die? You WILL die if you continue smoking and from what I have witnessed with veteran smokers, it won’t be pretty. That is a proven fact.
Take it from an ex-smoker that smoked for over thirty-years, you are NOT bigger than the nicotine beast. You need help!

Put the cigarettes down and do not pick them up again! If you do let the nicotine beast overtake you, lay them down again and walk away. Keep pausing (quitting) until you make it!

Beauty Or Beast?

Are your looks worth dying for? In a recent study it was greatly noted that HIV patients are willing to risk their health by not taking Aids medications that cause Lipodystrophy. They would rather die than experience sunken and gaunt faces, large abdomens that look like an overdue pregnancy, large waists, breasts, fat pockets in the groin area and buffalo humps on the back and behind the neck. It also causes fat deposits in the blood stream that cause the heart to pump harder putting one at risk for open heart surgery. It’s deformity of obesity with the fat deposits not burning off with regular diet and exercise as your body distributes fat deposits with hideous results. Are looks that important? According to these patients, this side effect is worst than the HIV virus itself. They want to keep their appearance the way it is than go on the medications that cure you with a cost. They don’t want to pay it off in looks! Appearance is everything.

They’re willing to face a greater risk of death as a sacrifice to save their looks. It’s all for Beauty and zilch for becoming a Beast that’ll get them shunned and scorned in the gay community. The vanity factor wins! Then let’s not forget about the emotional trauma that a person goes through during a life altering experience. The person has to learn to cope with the situation without losing their mind! Going from Body Beautiful to the Incredible Bulk complete with ripping clothes and popping buttons is a major freak out. So is it better to die first? Is the thought of not being able to wear yellow again because people will yell; “Hey Taxi!” too much to bear? In the beginning there were no treatments for lipodystrophy and Doctors didn’t have a clue on what it was or what caused it. The Pharmacy Industry refused to take any of the blame with some of them funding research to back them up. There are treatments available with cosmetic surgery being one of them. Are the treatments worth it? I asked my best friend who’s suffering from lipodystrophy and he commented the following: “There are other medicinal avenues now, that supposedly, do not contribute to lipo. I am on kalitra, agenerace, and ziagen. My hump has seemed to have stopped growing, but will now need to be removed by a plastic surgeon. The injectable, serostim, did not help me, in fact made things worse, as far as arthritic inflammation. I stuck with it for 4 months, but said fuck it. My joints were swell and aching way too much, for me to continue this unaffective treatment. I hope these few words will help.” We’re back to damn if you do, and damned if you don’t! The key factor here is dealing with it and finding a treatment that works. The Medical profession is still uncertain on what causes this and they don’t have an accurate count on how many people suffer from it. This is another one of those things that’s being kept hush-hush to avoid hell, havoc, and pandemonium from breaking out. With people opting to chunk their meds with Death camping on their doorstep, I can see why. Due to finger pointing and confusion on the subject, you the dear public are being lead to believe that the cases are few. They’re not!

I went from former Dancer, Model, Runner up in a Beauty Contest, and Poster Boy to Classic case of Lipodystrophy. Talk about your titles gang! I went from being a perfectly active person to an immobile flab of flesh with all of the ugly trimmings. I had the fat, sunken, face with a buffalo hump, tits for days, fat pocket in my groin area and the good and knocked up look. I also had pinched nerves, a shot lower back from all of the weight, swollen feet, with a case of Neuropathy (muscle deterioration) to keep it company. I went from a size 32 waist to a size 53 and from a large to triple X in shirt size. I went from a solid 188lbs to a scale breaking 398lbs not to mention furniture breaking. It was my furniture; I bought it, so it wasn’t a big deal. I just went out and bought sturdier furniture to hold the excess tonnage that I was carrying. Did I want to die? Nah! I was already dying from resistance and mutation so I didn’t have this as an option. I was bummed out over the fact that I would make an ugly corpse. Which was why I voted for a sealed and nailed shut coffin. My lover moved into the guest bedroom and locked the door at night so I couldn’t come in for sex. He also began an affair leaving me at home alone with only the company of Bootsie. My Blunder Kitty who loved to make a spot on my stomach and go to sleep. Of course, I rolled over on him more times than many. With my having a pissed off Kitty who hissed at me before going into hiding. I was in chronic pain and very sensitive to the touch. Did I want to die? Nah! I wanted to enter a baton twirling competition but couldn’t because I couldn’t fit the skirt. I had to quit singing in the church choir because the walk down the aisle wiped me out. I was in total discomfort with nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue adding on to the fun. Did I want to die? Nah! At times in church I was tempted to climb up on the cross and ask God to take me. Now, that’s a sacrifice! Disfigured and dying, what was one to do? Me? I prayed and meditated a lot to forget about the cruel comments made by people. I nearly started a bonfire lighting candles in church to forgive the treatment that I received in the bars. The girls and studs weren’t too kind in passing on the street which almost caused the church to get burned down. Were my prayers answered? Let’s see, God is good, right? Well I started doing good things to help others while learning that I had more than my looks going for me. I had inner beauty, the spirit of Christ, and God. I was asked to posed for the new safe and safer sex campaign for POCAAN (People of Color Against Aids Network). At first, I declined then realized that this wasn’t about me! It was for the cause and to show people one of the many faces of AIDS/HIV. Yes gang, I was a fuller figure model!

You should have seen the looks I got when I passed out the condom kit with my bigger than life photo on it. You should have seen have people moved their drinks, covered them up, or leave them after I explained lipodystrophy to them. Did I want to die? Nah! I prayed for a nicer gay community that was capable of loving and being supportive. I’m more compassionate to people of size because I know now how vicious and cruel people can be towards them. I’m more giving of myself and through the grace of God have the power to conquer life’s challenges. I’m more loving and forgiving with my sense of humor getting me through the bad that I turned into a good. So, are looks important? No, self-respect, self-dignity, and loving yourself are. Outer appearances can be deceiving which is why you should look inside a person and see their soul. Overlooking the flaws and seeing the person as they truly are. My Doctor knew that I was an experienced lab rat and suggested that I try serostim, a hormone injection. It made me sicker than a dog and the sight of food turned my stomach. My lipids turned back to fat that burned off with diet and exercise. It took three years to burn off the flab factor with a few problem areas to go. My advise to those facing lipodystrophy is this, stick it out! Dying is too easy, living out the storyline increases the chapters in life lessons.

© Nevin Jefferson, All Rights Reserved

How To Dunk A Basketball Like A Beast

Have you ever seen someone dunk a basketball like a beast?

I mean like throw the ball down with authority. Don’t you wish you could do that?

Well the biggest factors in dunking a basketball is your height and your athletic ability

If you’re 5’10 you’re going to need a lot more athletic ability than someone who is 6’8.

With the technology and research we have done in today’s world it is possible for almost anyone to dunk a basketball with the right workout routine. Of course there are many variables that play a part in one’s ability to dunk but for the most part anyone can achieve this success. Some variables can be your weight, your health, and even the type of shoes you wear.

Most people think that if you’re under 6’0 there is no hope of dunking a basketball but that is certainly untrue. I’ve personally seen someone who is around 5’8 dunk the ball like a beast. I mean he did a tomahawk dunk in the middle of a high school varsity basketball game. So height isn’t as important as you may think.

So if you want to dunk a basketball you should first work on building your muscle.

Staying fit and healthy is very important if you want to dunk a basketball. Just look at some of the best dunkers you know. Are they carrying and excess of weight and eating nothing but junk food everyday? I highly doubt it.

You need to build your core strength, your lower body strength and your upper body strength.

Some people think the only muscles that matter when it comes to jumping is the legs, but that is far from the truth. The core and the upper body play a big part in your vertical jump so I advise you to spend some time building your strength in all three of those areas.

Simple exercises such as crunches, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and push-ups are great ways to build your strength without any equipment except maybe a pull-up bar.

Next thing you should focus on is your jumping form and your vertical jump. Are you a one-foot or a two-foot jumper?

Figure out which one you’re better at and see if you can grab the rim. If you can grab the rim, then you know you aren’t very far from dunking. If you can’t grab the rim then you have some work to do.

Once you can grab the rim, your goal should be to do a one-hand dunk. Most people try to cock the ball back and do a tomahawk on their first dunk, but that makes no sense to me. You should try to go straight up and put the ball in. Don’t try to slam the ball down like Michael Jordan on your first try, just see if you can get the ball in.

Once you get down your first dunk, you will want to do better dunks. You’re going to want to do some nasty dunks. What you will need to do then is increase your vertical jump.

You will need to continue to build up your strength and also add some jumping exercises to your workout plan. You can do jump ropes, repetitive jumps as high as you can, and squat jumps.

Dunking is a great feeling and if you can jump higher you can do better dunks so keep working.