How To Dunk A Basketball Like A Beast

Have you ever seen someone dunk a basketball like a beast?

I mean like throw the ball down with authority. Don’t you wish you could do that?

Well the biggest factors in dunking a basketball is your height and your athletic ability

If you’re 5’10 you’re going to need a lot more athletic ability than someone who is 6’8.

With the technology and research we have done in today’s world it is possible for almost anyone to dunk a basketball with the right workout routine. Of course there are many variables that play a part in one’s ability to dunk but for the most part anyone can achieve this success. Some variables can be your weight, your health, and even the type of shoes you wear.

Most people think that if you’re under 6’0 there is no hope of dunking a basketball but that is certainly untrue. I’ve personally seen someone who is around 5’8 dunk the ball like a beast. I mean he did a tomahawk dunk in the middle of a high school varsity basketball game. So height isn’t as important as you may think.

So if you want to dunk a basketball you should first work on building your muscle.

Staying fit and healthy is very important if you want to dunk a basketball. Just look at some of the best dunkers you know. Are they carrying and excess of weight and eating nothing but junk food everyday? I highly doubt it.

You need to build your core strength, your lower body strength and your upper body strength.

Some people think the only muscles that matter when it comes to jumping is the legs, but that is far from the truth. The core and the upper body play a big part in your vertical jump so I advise you to spend some time building your strength in all three of those areas.

Simple exercises such as crunches, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and push-ups are great ways to build your strength without any equipment except maybe a pull-up bar.

Next thing you should focus on is your jumping form and your vertical jump. Are you a one-foot or a two-foot jumper?

Figure out which one you’re better at and see if you can grab the rim. If you can grab the rim, then you know you aren’t very far from dunking. If you can’t grab the rim then you have some work to do.

Once you can grab the rim, your goal should be to do a one-hand dunk. Most people try to cock the ball back and do a tomahawk on their first dunk, but that makes no sense to me. You should try to go straight up and put the ball in. Don’t try to slam the ball down like Michael Jordan on your first try, just see if you can get the ball in.

Once you get down your first dunk, you will want to do better dunks. You’re going to want to do some nasty dunks. What you will need to do then is increase your vertical jump.

You will need to continue to build up your strength and also add some jumping exercises to your workout plan. You can do jump ropes, repetitive jumps as high as you can, and squat jumps.

Dunking is a great feeling and if you can jump higher you can do better dunks so keep working.